Yes, life is short.

It has twists and turns that we at the best of times – cannot predict.

About seven years ago, I started using the domain,, simply because I felt that life was a huge project. One thing leads to another and so on. About five years ago, I incorporated the name The Thomas Project in Alberta, Canada and have operated as an independent consultant under that name since.

But why you may ask? Actually the answer is pretty simple. I found myself continuously marching to the drum of a different band, no matter how hard I tried when working for a company. My entrepreneur mind just wouldn’t stop.

So, I decided that my company web site just couldn’t be about business or telling you how good my business is or how good I am. I really would prefer that you make that decision yourself. But I felt that the web site should follow the same feeling as the name of my company, The Thomas Project, because really, life is just a huge project!