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What Is Black Hat SEO?

by Frank Thomas
So What Constitutes Search Engine Ranking Manipulation? In other words, what is black hat seo? This is a question that has been totally muddied in this day and age of the Internet. This asks a bigger question? Who is in control of the Internet? As little as six or seven years ago, it was truly the wild, wild west. If you were a big stack holder and you commanded traffic, then you got to ‘write’ some of the rules in concert to your web site. But things have changed and the year is now 2013. Right now, some of the […]

Be The Best You

by Frank Thomas
I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to help others with their business ideals. With running a business, I’ve been able to gather some pretty interesting insights and I’m truly glad to offer help to others to help them avoid the same pitfalls. One thing that I encounter as a problem quite often is when people just don’t seem to be making headway in their career. They are usually frustrated and annoyed because things are not working as planned. A lot of the time, this is more of an issue of clear direction then anything else. Let me explain. I’ve […]

Sometimes Life Sucks and Sometimes It Doesn’t

by Frank Thomas
I hate to open with such a blatant title, but since I made the decision to move the blog into a more of an open life project, I just nothing can really be hidden. I wanted to write this post to you to give you some perspective on life. There are times when life is really going good – like a carnival ride with your sweet heart that you just don’t want to have stop. But there are times when you just want to crawl into a corner and say – I’m done. I have to tell you that my […]

Keyword Research and Why It’s Important

by Frank Thomas
Keyword research is critical to perform before you do anything else to establish a presence with a web site on a specific topic. Where you market online or offline, this critical starter can make or break your efforts to market you, your services or products. What is Keyword Research? Before digging deep in the topic of keyword research, let’s cover together exactly what it is. There will be common phrases that you’ll hear, keyword phrases, to describe a particular topic. For example, if I was talking about getting my web site ranked better in Google or Yahoo, I’d coin the […]

The Google Panda Update – Part 2

by Frank Thomas
Yesterday we started to look at hard proof on the Google Panda Update and what it means to us as web marketers. Today, I’ll be completing my final thoughts in regards to the Panda and how it’s affecting us in other aspects. Google Panda Update – Duplicate Content Now, if you line up ten people who do SEO work and ask them about ‘duplicate content’ I can promise you that you’ll find no duplicate content between the answers! There’s a lot of speculation on this front, but let me tell you the truth – from fact. I run several web […]