What are the most elusive things in life? Love? Money? Winning lottery ticket?

Nope, one of the most elusive things is building a successful business! Statistics demonstrate this. 90% of all businesses started will normally end in the first five years of conception. The last 10% have dismal success rates too! In the next five years, the 90% of the remainder will fail as well.

store closingThis leaves roughly 1% of all small businesses that start will survive to see their 10th anniversary. That’s actually pretty scarey. But extremely believable. There’s a ton of things that contribute to this though. In building our business, I believe that the number one contributing factor to failure is when the prospective business owner allows emotions and feelings to dictate their decisions regarding their new business.

Do You Want To Be Part of the 1%?

We live in a community of about 30,000 people and I’ve watched several businesses sprout like spring weeds to die in the summer sun. The most ill conceived have a life of about 6 months to one year. And these are the most expensive failures by far. I’m not advocating not trying your hand at business, but learning what you need to learn to make the business successful.

Think of taking up ice skating. You’ve never ice skated before in your life but it looks pretty cool. You strap on the first pair of ice skates you can find and run out onto the ice. What do you think will happen? Well, gravity takes a hold and down you go! But there are other people on the ice and they make it looks so graceful and easy! What gives?

It all comes down to learning. Taking things one step at a time, prove yourself to a level of competency and than moving to the next level. We have an incredible capacity to learn but we learn like a journey; one step at a time.

That’s what we have here for you. We are building a library of great information that will help you to learn what you need to know to grow a business that’s in the 1% after 10 years! So be sure to join us and dig in. Registration is free and we promise to provide you with information that’s designed to help you grow your dream into a business!