But Why The Internet?

by Frank Thomas

It’s easy for me to think that the Internet is the perfect medium for business in today’s day and age. I use the Internet each and every day to continue to grow my business.

But how do I show this to a prospective client who is firmly grounded in the flesh and blood world?

Recently I had the privilege to help someone reduce their money telephone bills for their business and I noticed that they are being charged more than $400 per month for advertising with them. This had to be their yellow pages listings. Wow, almost $5000 per year to be in the yellow pages.

Funny thing is, the yellow pages is starting to go the way of other extinct animals. As it gets easier and easier to find what we want online, the extra work to find what we need in the yellow pages begins to pale.

If you are trying to grow your business, you know first hand how important it is to get your name in front of prospective customers and how expensive that can be. Let me offer you a bit of free advice.

Get into the head of your customer for just one moment. What would they type into a search engine to find you? If you are a plumber, maybe it will be ‘good plumber your town name‘. Or if you are a computer professional, like myself, maybe they will type in ‘computer repair your city name‘.

Now the funny thing is, you will notice very quickly that very few businesses will try to create a site that is oriented on that search term.

I was recently talking to a used book store and they were very frustrated over the fact that a previous web developer had created a web site for them and they were not getting any traffic or even being ranked for ‘used bookstore Okotoks’. (Okotoks is the town that I live in.)

I took a really fast look at the site and did a quick search of her site for that search term. The results? Didn’t show up once on her site! I told her that the fastest way to get ranked for this would be to create a web page on that search term. Something like, ‘What to Look for in a Used Bookstore in Okotoks’.

The competition on the phrase was pretty much non-existent, so she could be ranked very quickly for that phrase.

But back to the question in mind, ‘But why the Internet’?

People today are searching on the Internet more and more for your business, but if you aren’t there and your competitor is, then they will get the business.

It doesn’t matter how much better your services are. It doesn’t matter if you are cheaper. It doesn’t even matter that you’ve spent $$$$ on yellow pages ads. What matters is that they found your competitor and not you when searching on Google.

So, what are you going to do today to help your business get noticed on the world wide web?

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