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Frank is an search engine optimization (SEO) and social engine marketing (SEM) professional. With his strong technical background, he has worked on hundred’s of web sites building, promoting and profiting from them. He has also ventured into the venue of brand and reputation management on the web.


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I’m always amazed by the fact that when I thought that I’ve found every way possible to use the Internet, I talk to someone and I learn a whole new way to use the sheer power of the Internet. I know that sounds like a ton of hype but to be perfectly honest, this isn’t hype at all.

What really makes the Internet powerful is the fact that we can use many ‘levers’ with the Internet. If you know anything about engineering you know how powerful a lever can be. Basically a lever allows you to leverage a little bit of effort into a lot of results.

Once you understand how to use a lever, you can move huge boulders with just a fraction of the muscle power you would normally need if you were to not use a lever.

One lever that the Internet provides is the ability to touch a large amount of people at a relatively low cost. This sounds like common sense, but let me tell you when I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment on this principle.

I was working for a company that decided to try and market one part of their business online. It was basically breaking even when they started. They launched a large off-line and on-line media campaign. Within about three months, the business was making much more then break-even. They landed several multi-year contracts that were worth millions of dollars.

Needless to say, when I saw the Internet as a power business tool back in 2008 and dI ecided to stop everything else I was doing, including working full-time and dedicate all my resources to learning all about marketing on the Internet.

What I’ve learnt over the past 4 years, with more then 10,000 hours of study, is that the Internet is more powerful then I ever though.

Getting Into The Wind

So why is the Internet so powerful? Back to the first lever I mentioned above. The large amount of people who use the Internet. I like to call this wind power. I just never realized how much wind can be created.

Right now more then two billion people have access to the Internet. Did you hear that? Over 2 billion people! Even if you convince 1/10th of 1% to give you $1 in profit, you can make $2 million dollars!

Now, that is unrealistic. You would have to be a company like Apple to capture that kind of market, but you can see the effect of all these people all around the globe. This is what I call wind.

Now, you can lease someone else’s wind. For example, you could use Google Adwords advertising to get your name out to thousands of people every day. This does comes at a price. No doubt about it. But if you are smart on how you use other people’s traffic or wind, you can become very rich, very fast.

Now, in the year 2011, a unique opportunity has risen with big changes in the Google search ranking algorithm. If you build a high quality site and post high-quality information, you can create your own wind storm. One marketer friend of mine did a bit of work to take his personal site and boosted up the quality tremendously.

Now he is getting over 1,000 new visitors each and every day. He has a subscriber list that he’s building that gets about 10-20 new subscribers every day. He is creating two types of wind power. First, tons of traffic everyday and second, better qualified traffic in his mailing list that could potentially become customers.

For example, when he posts to his mailing list, he makes an easy $200-$500 dollars.

So What Can We Do?

I’m sure your question lies with the fact of what can you do to make money online? Here’s a very short list of things you can consider:

  • Build a quality site and sell advertising
  • Build a quality site and sell affiliate products
  • Build a quality site and sell your own products
  • Build a reputation on the Internet with tools like Linkedin and Facebook! Talk about job security.
  • Build membership sites that sell private information to niche groups.
  • Use the power of eBay and eBay like sites to sell goods on.
  • Sell the services of how to market online to offline customers.
  • Use what you currently know and present yourself as a credible expert on forums online. This again build credibility and customers.
  • Do training videos and post them on Youtube. Just give them away and wait for the business to roll in.

This list is by no means complete. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll find more and more opportunities to use the power of the world wide web if you just look.

But keep you eyes open here! I’ll be offering many, many more ideas, tutorials and insights that I come across to share with you.

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