Search Engine Marketing Consulting – Who Do You Trust?

by Frank Thomas

Search engine marketing consulting – who do you trust? Just about everyday, you’ll find that you get another three emails from ‘experts’ who can rank your web site through the black art of search engine optimization.

search engine marketing consultingThere are a lot of ways to perform search engine marketing consulting, but very few that actually work. Also what is your objective? Do you want to get a page or web site ranked well in the search engines or do you want to dominate the search engine rankings for your business name? Both need different forms of optimization.

The real danger is you really don’t know if their techniques are tried and true. Some do work and some don’t. Think snake oil. I may sound a bit critical, but I’ve questioned a few of these people and the techniques that they use are a bit shakey.

You need to find someone performing search engine marketing consulting that is a combination method.  Here’s my recommendations if you are looking to find  someone in search engine marketing consulting.

Search Engine Marketing Consulting – The Questions To Ask

First and foremost, make sure that the search engine marketing consulting company you decide to hire isn’t using spammy or questionable search engine marketing practices. This is a long term recipe for throwing money away and potentially getting your site de-indexed by the search engines.

Next, ask them if they are using methods that are favorable to the latest algorithm changes with the search engines. Since most of your traffic is probably going to come from Google, ask them about the latest Google updates. If they immediately say that their techniques work, ask them if they happen to be using forum profile spamming. You’ll be amazed at how many still do. This is a technique that was quite powerful, though very spammy about a year ago. This technique is virtually worthless now.

Does the search engine marketing consulting company you are looking at provide you with a battle plan? In other words, do they show you what they will be doing to take things to the next step? They will have some parts of their technique that they will want to keep private, but if they won’t disclose anything, you would serve yourself better by moving on.

Next, if they have a battle plan, do they use three or more methods to boost your rankings? With the latest search engine algorithms, variety in style means a lot more long term success.

Finally, is the search engine marketing consulting company going to get you some quick wins? Then provide you with long term strategies?

Again, like any plan, this is critical. You don’t want an unscrupulous search engine marketing consulting company causing more damage than good.

Search Engine Marketing Consulting – Take Your Time

I think the best recommendation that I can give you in regards to search engine marketing consulting companies is to take your time. Like the snake oil vendors of the old time wild west, they promise the world and give you a bottle of stinky water.

Oh, and if the price seems too good to be true – it isn’t. They may be dangerous to your long term rankings by using their services. Being a search engine marketing consulting company, I know what it takes, how much it costs and how long it takes to obtain solid, long term rankings for corporate clients.  I hope that this helps you when you receive an email on search engine marketing consulting.

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