Search Engine Optimization: What-How-Why?

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Lets talk about how to secure guaranteed page one ranking on all search engines.
Step 1: Think of a business which is unique OR there should not be more than 10* companies offering the same service/product on internet.
Example: You are into selling leisure trip to middle income groups and want to sell cheap trips to Mars for USD 9,999 per person only.

*We are saying 10 because most of the search engines present 10 results on page one. So if there are more than 10 players in your industry – there is no guarantee that you will be definitely on page one of the search engines.
Step 2: Think of the target keywords for this business. It would be something like following examples:
1.    “buy trip to mars for cheap”
2.    “leisure trip to mars for cheap”
3.    “fun trip to mars for cheap”
4.    “family trip to mars for cheap”
5.    “affordable trip to mars”
6.    “affordable leisure trip to mars”
7.    “affordable leisure trip to mars”
8.    “enjoy trip to mars for cheap”
9.    “cheap tickets to mars”
10.    “affordable tickets for trip to mars”
***Try searching on google for any of the above listed keywords you will reach FATbit websiteJ See how easy Search Engine Optimization is!!!***
Step 3: Now you have to submit your website to all those search engines where you wish your visitors to come from.
Step 4: Make sure your website is search engine friendly so that search engines do respect you as a serious player in the industry else search engines might not like your website and don’t rank it among the leaders. How optimized your website is, proves your dedication and sincerity towards your business and your customers. Even search engines are intelligent enough to understand who are serious players and who are just fooling around.
If you follow all the above steps, we are sure you can get your website up on the page one of any search engine in the world.
Keep reading if you are not selling something unique and there are more than 10 companies offering same services/products on internet.
“Doing business on internet is very interesting and like a video game where you have to fight with endless number of enemies and YOU CAN NOT PAUSE THE GAME.”
To be successful on internet, make sure your website is highly search engine optimized so that you can keep your marketing costs low and sell your products/services at comparatively cheaper prices because your competitors are spending a lot on buying traffic for their website.
I hope you would not mind going through FUNDAMENTALS OF SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Read on:
1.    What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results as opposed to search engine marketing (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion.

Getting your website live is not just enough, people should be able to reach your website by typing your company name or by typing the services/products offered by you. For search engines to display your website in the search results for relevant keywords, its foremost important that your website should be submitted to that search engine.

Imagine a situation you got a very nice website designed for USD 20,000 but that is not search engine optimized. You sell over 50,000 electronic products over that online shop but your website does not come up on search results on or or when people are looking for websites where they can buy those products which are also being offered on your website.

Immediately make sure your website is submitted to all those search engines and meets the requirements of a very well search engine optimized website.

As described in the definition of Search Engine Optimization – primary objective behind SEO is to improve the volume of traffic to your website from search engines via organic and unpaid methods. Therefore to keep your advertising costs low its highly recommended that your website should be well optimized for search engines. Above all, you wanted your website designed and made live to public so that they can reach you when they are looking for the service/products you are offering.
3.    What all objects are included in the arena of Search Engine Optimization?
a.    Title Tag Optimization
b.    Meta Tag Optimization
c.    Keyword Tag Optimization
d.    H1, H2, H3 optimization
e.    URL relevance vis a vis page content
f.    Keywords density on each page
g.    Images alt tag optimization
h.    W3C Validations
i.    Clean HTML code preferably Div based HTML structured pages
j.    Link optimization – including QUALITY back links and interlinking of pages within the website
4.    White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO
a.    White Hat SEO: includes designing and developing the website primarily for human users, not for search engines and then making that content easily accessible to the spiders instead of manipulating or playing tricks with the exposed search engine ranking algorithms.
b.    Black Hat SEO: includes designing and developing the websites primarily for search engines while exploiting the search engine ranking algorithms. For Example:
i.    hidden text either by using deceptive colors or by invisible DIV or positioned off the screen
ii.    keywords stuffing in Title Tag, Description Tag and H1, H2 Tags
iii.    stuffing keywords within file names
iv.    cloaking – method employed to show different content to human visitors and search engine spiders
v.    link farming etc
After going through the fundamentals of SEO, I am sure you have earned a reasonable amount of insight into the concept of Search Engine Optimization.
To make sure your website, no matter how competitive industry you work into, comes on page one of search engines – you have to follow the following steps or hire a professional SEO/Web Design Company company to take care of following imperatives for you.
1.    Submit your website on major search engines
2.    Select the target keywords/phrases carefully, intelligently & smartly.
a.    Most common keywords related to your products/services will always be targeted by almost everyone selling the same services/products as you do.
b.    Use keyword suggestion tools like the one offered by google or wordtracker to find less competitive keywords. It makes better business sense to  bring in 100 visitors per day by targeting less competitive keywords/phrases than to win only 10 visitors per day by targeting only highly competitive keywords.
3.    Make sure your website is highly optimized for the relevant and target keywords
4.    Target one set of related keywords/phrases per page
5.    Keep on analyzing your website performance for the target keywords/phrases and do the required revisions into the page content if satisfactory results are not achieved or you see that results can be improved.
6.    Hire professional SEO company to take care of Link Building, Social Media Bookmarking, Article Submission, and Directory Submission for you.
7.    Build child websites to promote the parent websites, be sure that child websites contain unique and relevant content, and are linking to parent website using the relevant keywords in the link text.
8.    Give reasons to bloggers to comment about your company offerings/products on blogs, discussion forums, social networking websites and bookmarking websites thereby they are giving you quality back links. I.e. When apple launched ipad – they get more than billion dollar advertisements online via news portals, news channels, bloggers, discussion forums, electronic product experts, mobile device experts etc.
If your company can launch offers which are aimed at benefiting customers by giving them some useful product at very reasonable price people like to spread the words on their own by word of mouth (traditional way) and by blogging/sharing with friends online (electronic way).

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