Searching Out A SEO Expert

by Frank Thomas

search engine optimization calgaryIn the realm of Internet marketing, you’ll hear the phrase, SEO or search engine optimization. The bread and butter of success on the Internet when drawing upon the organic or free listings with the major search engines, such as Google, Bling (formally MSN) or Yahoo rests upon the SEO efforts dedicated to a web site.

You can have a terrible web site, with no relevant information and still dominate a particular term in the search engines. To prove my point, search in Google the term ‘click here’. You will find the Adobe Reader download page to dominate position number one for this keyword phrase. The funny thing is that the term does not show up on the page referenced anywhere!

Why is that. Well, by fluke or fault, the Adobe Reader download page has been absolutely dominated by the phrase ‘click here’ to get the Adobe Reader software. You see, Google for sure uses a type of voting system at its core to determine the absolute rankings of web sites for a searched term.

Think of it as a way for a site to cast a vote to another web site for a particular phrase. For example, if you found a new soap to do absolute wonders with your stains in clothes, you will become an evanglist for that particular brand. In other words, you will mention the name of that soap to many other people.

This gives these other people a feeling of confidence that the soap will actually perform as advertised. What is better then unbiased recommendations?

Unfortunately this same voting system that the search engines like Google uses can also be manipulated by smart search engine optimization experts. By creating artificial counts of votes of confidence to a web site, they can raise a web site to the tops of the search engines.

The search engines truly do depend on the fact that this is a slow process and many would be web site advertisers would soon bore with the whole idea of creating link after link. This is why you’ll hear the term link acceleration.

If a web site is naturally gaining votes or links back to it, then the site should naturally show a pattern of growth or link acceleration that if fairly consistent. The search engines will also take this into consideration when counting votes.

So, there really is a lot to even this single aspect of search engine optimization. If you are looking for an expert who knows the search engines and how to advertise a web site to the benefit of clients, then you need to take to someone with substantial experience in SEO work.

With over three years of full time experience and well over 300 web sites that have been researched and ranked in the search engines, you can feel confident of the services that my company and I can offer to you.

Leave the heavy lifting of Internet advertising to us and let us show you how you can successfully use the Internet to increase your business revenues.

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