Social Media Marketing

by Frank Thomas

social media marketingSocial media marketing has become a huge buzz word for business in the 21st century. With all of the current advertising efforts just not working as well as they once did, businesses are flocking to the Internet with high hopes and fat wallets to cash in on social marketing.

The whole idea is finding the customer right were they are looking for the information that you may be selling. This is very intelligent as you can sell directly to your target audience without the added expense of marketing to the other 99% that have no desire to purchase your product or service.

This is also one of the main reasons that these social media platforms have taken off. Just look at Facebook for a good example. They can sell advertising at a premium because of the fact that they have built sophisticated algorithms that targets advertising to location and/or topic.

Social media marketing, being so big has also caused a lot of confusion to many businesses too. What is the best way to spend those advertising dollars? That’s a loaded question. But let’s take a look at what you needs may be and then build you a plan.

Social Media Marketing – Your Time Frame

If you have a limited amount of time to get your message out then paying for social media marketing is the way to go. Literally within 1/2 of one hour, you could have the word going out. I’d personally recommend taking a little more time to qualify your paid social media marketing, but it can be that quick.

This is a very good method if you have the right budget for it. Don’t be surprised when you don’t properly analyze your paid social media marketing campaign and find that you are paying several dollars per visitor. I’ve personally done several pay per click campaigns and I can tell you that it is like a stick of dynamite.

It’s very good for moving a big rock very fast, but if your wick is too short, you’ll blow off your hand at the same time! Overall though, it is the fastest way to get the word out. I’ve sold books that were published to e-print within days of completion. This isn’t possible with any other advertising medium with the exception of widespread offline advertising.

A very big disadvantage of paid social media marketing is the fact that it’s is something that I call bird cage advertising. Like conventional newspaper advertising, it’s really only effective as long as the ad keeps showing up. The day you stop advertising, that could be the end of the profits too. So you are not building any lasting effect on the web.

Social Media Marketing – Patience and Good SEO

The second form of social media marketing is posting to many social media platforms. You will at times get some pretty fast wins but most of the time, you have to spend from one or two months to up to one year to get the ball really rolling on your social media marketing campaign. The great thing about this form of marketing though, is once the ball is rolling, it keeps rolling.

You’ll find that your efforts from yesterday keep paying you today and tomorrow. The momentum takes time to build and will be different from market to market, but the overall effect is the same.

With professional assistance, you can build a lot of great brand awareness for your product pretty quickly though.

Another nice side affect of this type of social media marketing is the fact that once you get your brand to a desired level of market penetration, it takes very little to keep it there. And it’s very hard for your competition to kick you out once you’ve properly rooted yourself in place within the search engine rankings.

The disadvantage of this form of social media marketing is time. If you don’t have 3 to 6 month to wait, then this isn’t the way to go – at least in the short term.

Social Media Marketing – Blending the Two

Here’s where you’ll find a lot of power. If you want the short term win with the long term gain, then consider a properly constructed pay for social media marketing campaign coupled with posting to social media platforms. With the right plan, you can do quite a bit. Within hours you can start generating sales and while this part is creating profits, move those profits to the manual posting of social media marketing to give you long term bang.

Do you need a social media marketing¬† professional? Feel free to click on my contact me link at the very top of this page and send me your contact information. I’ll be sure to give you a call and offer you some cost effective options when it comes to social media marketing.

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