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The Google Panda Update – Part 2

by Frank Thomas
Yesterday we started to look at hard proof on the Google Panda Update and what it means to us as web marketers. Today, I’ll be completing my final thoughts in regards to the Panda and how it’s affecting us in other aspects. Google Panda Update – Duplicate Content Now, if you line up ten people who do SEO work and ask them about ‘duplicate content’ I can promise you that you’ll find no duplicate content between the answers! There’s a lot of speculation on this front, but let me tell you the truth – from fact. I run several web […]

The Google Panda Update

by Frank Thomas
There’s been quite a stir in the online world of web sites since the Google Panda update. I liken it almost to the Chicken Little story of ‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling’! The Google Panda update is more of a series of updates then a single update. It first started to be deployed early in 2011. As of now we’ve probably seen most of the effects it has caused. In today’s article I want to take a real look at real situations and stay away from idle speculation. Here’s the info I found regarding the Google Panda […]