Today’s Business Skills and the Internet

by Frank Thomas

One of the driving forces today in our world is the Internet. With the ease of use and the enhanced multimedia experience, it’s little wonder that this is occurring.

I can honestly say that there will come a day when the Internet will overtake other forms of media, such as conventional radio and television. Television programs will be produced and distributed through the Internet where interested individuals will be able to watch their choice programs when and where they wish too.

I’m actually surprised that some TV producers haven’t jumped the trend and decided to offer next week’s up and coming episode on the Internet for paid subscribers! This had to be only around the corner.

Imagine that old and tired saying “There’s nothing on TV” to become history. As it is, there are some individuals taking things into their hands already.

Take a look at the likes of Youtube or Viddler. These video sites are being populated by the 1,000’s with many videos by amateur and professional producers.

Also, let’s consider the the social aspect of the Internet. From bookmarking sites to places for like minded individuals to hang out. Smart business owners are finding ways to fit in and provided their services to these niche demographics.

Finally, consider the power of the search engine. This is one form of connecting with customers that few businesses really have considered. Let me offer you an example.

I have a friend who solely gathers new clients to their real estate business through the use of Google Ads. They spend roughly $2,000 per month on these ads, but these ads have paid back their cost many times over.

My friend told me that it was not unusual to pick up 10 new clients per month using this method of reaching prospects. Considering the fact that a sale could easily be worth $10,000 gross profit, you can see how spending $2,000 starts to make sense.

But many business owners shy away from the power of the Internet from sheer ignorance. They have yet to discover how to harness this power or possibly don’t even know that it exists. This is something that could potential be fatal.

Consider two businesses. They both decide to sell the same products or services. Let’s call them ‘Business A’ and ‘Business B’. One final point, they both are across the street from one another.

Business A

Business A has been in this particular community for some time. They’ve been able to establish themselves and have little concerns to the day to day business.

Some months are very good and some months are a bit lean. But on average they are able to survive. They do not venture out into the advertising arena much more then to display their presence on the street front that they occupy.

Business B

Business B has entered this community after Business A had. But they have a plan. Before opening their doors, they decide to present themselves in local advertising efforts to the community. They are trying to tie the products and services they offer to them within the customer’s mind.

They found limited success, so they decided that they needed to seek a larger community. They turned to the Internet. With partnering with a company skilled at using the Internet as a tool to be harnessed for business, they start by analysing what the customer really is looking for.

It’s one thing to think what your customers’ want and it’s another to know what your customers truly want. With analysis in the larger global market, Business B starts to find the hot buttons that the customers see. They find innovative ways to become problem solvers for these particular problems.

They may be offering the same products or services, but now Business B is focusing on the sizzle and not the steak of the problem. They are focusing in on being the problem solver and not the solution provider. Big difference in the customer’s mind!

Before long, Business B is able to service a much larger community and thus suppliment their lower local profits with a larger global community profits.

Before long, they are started to be perceived as experts in their field of service or products. Soon, their focused talents start to affect their local business. They are also perceived in the minds of their local community as global experts.

Soon you will find that the local community will start to shift it’s focus from Business A to Business B. This is because they find that Business B just knows the problem better. They also are seen as national or global experts.

You may think that this is more fiction then fact. But would you trust a local vendor over a national chain store? That may be a loaded question, but the general public would trust the chain store. Why? All the reasons mentioned above.

So, where do you sit? How can your business benefit from what the Internet provides? Even if you are a person who doesn’t require the Internet at all for business, you would be surprised at what the Internet can do for you!

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