Video Security Services

Video Security Services

Securing video can either be expensive, or hard to secure. We’ve worked with most of the major and minor video security and distribution systems and we’ve come up with what we believe to be a very secure and easy to implement video security setup.

Gone are the days to just send your customer a video download file. It is unfortunate, but the file will be shared if the content is any good at all. Our first video product over 10 years ago proved this point. We had lost more in sales than we made in sales with black hat share sites because our training videos were distributed as a simple download.

Also, using insecure services like YouTube won’t make the cut either. YouTube is great for public video but weak when it comes to private video. By leveraging other online services, we’ve found a way to securely distribute video within a WordPress environment.

Depending on the theme used, we have various methods and if your particular setup isn’t supported, we can create the plugin in WordPress to support video streaming through your WordPress site that is fully adaptive to different user hardware.

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