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We Know How To Do Video Marketing!

Creating good video for the web is complicated because delivery can be problematic. We create video perfect for it’s use. No longer do you have to sacrifice video clarity for the web. Get your cake and eat it too!

Delivering video in a secure fashion can become a nightmare. We know how to integrate several video services with WordPress to allow you to deliver video in a clean and secure method.

When trying to rank content on the Internet, there is an advantage of doing video syndication. We’ve been helping hundreds of clients in the past two years syndicating their video through YouTube.

Knowing the best way to deliver video can make or break a project. From low bandwidth clients to clients expecting high quality video, we’ve got you covered.

Knowing how to handle video is only part of the puzzle. Finding cost effective solutions to implement a project is another matter. We know how to use web automation to make video implementation cost effective for you!

It’s critical to have a good looking presence on YouTube, the number one video site on the Internet. Or if you ware looking to maximize your Facebook page or group for video, we can help.

Our Experts

With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business, you can be assured that your project is in good hands.

matthew Thomas

More than 25 years experience managing technology and a certified C# programmer, there is no problem that can’t be resolved.

frank thomas

Audio production specialist with a diploma in Radio Broadcasting and an established voice-over artist; you never sounded so good!

melissa thomas

“Video has to be the biggest problem to produce, properly distribute and secure.  The Thomas Project really has made a big difference.”

Some of our current & past clients

About us

For over 10 years we’ve been involved with web deliverables and in the past 5 years we’ve specialised in video.

Our mission

We want to make delivering video in your business to be the easiest part of your web presence. With our team of experts, we’ve truly got you covered!

Our offer

  • Web deliverable video
  • Video syndication
  • Website private web delivery