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"No matter what anybody tell's you, words and ideas can change the world!"
Robin Williams
Dead Poets Society

Social Media Management

Today social media is one of the largest opportunities and most painful tools at the disposal of companies. For the first time ever small and medium sized companies get to show off who they are, what they do and why their customer should care in a personal way to the entire world. 

Take Wendy’s for example, with their witty remarks and social media bantering they have made themselves a social icon online. 

We know that social media is difficult to set up, develop and manage and thats why we offer professional help to small and medium sized companies that doesn’t break the bank. 

Website Design & Building

Believe it or not, your website can be the simplest part of your marketing strategy. With all its complex pages and sales funnels it certainly doesn’t seem like it but we take tried and tested tools to make your online presence a pleasant one.

We use a simple methodology behind all of our site builds and designs so our customers can interact directly with their own websites easily. 

Good website design requires top notch graphics, that’s why we are subscribed to multiple paid services as well as work with professional graphic designers for your specific needs.

We make your site versatile so it can withstand the data rigours of membership portals, sales pages and more without sacrificing what makes you, you!

Video Transcoding Services

When we are working with a new client, we look at his video delivery needs before deciding on the best method and format for transcoding their video.

There’s a lot to consider when deciding upon the final format for video.

We consider the delivery system, such as Vimeo, YouTube, Amazon S3/Cloudfront, private web site delivery and many others. Each delivery system needs different video formats and video bit rates.

This is a critical step missed by many web developers and online content providers. If you find that you are getting a lot of customer complains on video delivery, be sure to re-evaluate your video formatting.

Video Delivery Services

Video delivery can make or break the most important video project. Be sure you ask yourself the following questions before you decide on a service to deliver your content:

Does your content need to be privately accessed? If you need to ensure that your content can only be accessed by your clients or staff, it will need extra protection mechanisms beyond what a service like YouTube can provide.
Will you have users accessing your video globally, locally or internally? Each distribution network will have different needs.

Is your video going to be used to syndicate your site, services or products? If so, you need to have large scale video syndication using the best practice methods to get your videos indexed, ranked and viewed as quickly as possible.

Do you need to tie your website to your video content? This is a step that can be easily accomplished with the right know-how. We’ve not only provided many methods to tie these two components together, we’ve also developed in-house technology to help your techs save time and energy going forward.

Our Secret Weapon

We do have a secret weapon in the marketing business that we don’t share with anyone else. And that is our ability to generate automation sequences or software to manage, distribute or secure videos on the web. 

We’ve had great success to date creating software to work with YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress and many other services. Plus we’ve created software to perform perfect transcoding and video copyright editing on the fly for several videos at a time.

You bring your idea to us and we can see if it can be cost effective to create a piece of software to automate what you are trying to do with your video on the web or on your desktop.

Video Security Services

Securing video can either be expensive, or hard to secure. We’ve worked with most of the major and minor video security and distribution systems and we’ve come up with what we believe to be a very secure and easy to implement video security setup.

Gone are the days to just send your customer a video download file. It is unfortunate, but the file will be shared if the content is any good at all. Our first video product over 10 years ago proved this point. We had lost more in sales than we made in sales with black hat share sites because our training videos were distributed as a simple download.

Also, using insecure services like YouTube won’t make the cut either. YouTube is great for public video but weak when it comes to private video. By leveraging other online services, we’ve found a way to securely distribute video within a WordPress environment.

Depending on the theme used, we have various methods and if your particular setup isn’t supported, we can create the plugin in WordPress to support video streaming through your WordPress site that is fully adaptive to different user hardware.

Syndication Services

When trying to rank content on the Internet, there is an advantage of doing video syndication. We’ve been helping hundreds of clients in the past two years syndicating their video through YouTube. 

We’ve created software that permits us to cleanly live stream video to YouTube which is immediately indexed and possibly ranked by Google and YouTube.

This advantage has permitted us to stream many videos to YouTube which have provided traffic to our customers where they would not have had the chance to communicate with them otherwise.

We can engage you and your business to help syndicate your video content to the world with 100’s of possible search criteria.

Channel Management Services

It’s critical to have a good looking presence on YouTube, the number one video site on the Internet. Or if you ware looking to maximize your Facebook page or group for video, we can help. We’ve worked with many clients to date, helping them build up their YouTube channels or Facebook page to give it a professional look and feel.

Plus we also know how to build the graphics for the channel or page, optimize thumbnails for maximum video viewing and playlist organization to give your web viewer the very best experience.

If you are looking for a professional team that can work with YouTube or Facebook, we can definitely help you out. Plus we can also add in Instagram for extra boost!

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