Do you have a web site for your business? If you are wondering why, it is because the face of advertising has changed radically in the past few years.

It wasn’t that long ago that many of your potential customers would have their very own copy of the yellow pages directory and it would be one of their primary sources for finding you.

With the expansion and acceptance of the Internet, find what a potential customer wants to know, has gotten a whole lot easier.

They simply ‘Google’ it. You know when something has firmly taken hold when the name of a business becomes a descriptive word in the english language. Think about it. You don’t reach for a paper hanky, you will reach for a Kleenex.

You don’t search for a product or service in the Yellow pages or even online, you Google for it.

Getting an effective web site published online is the first critical step to get you found by your customers.

Getting Found When Customers Google

Next comes the real magic. Getting found when your potential customers Google your business. You see, they will not search for George’s Plumbing. Most of the time they will Google something like ‘Plumber in Calgary’. You need to make sure you are found by this search term.

This normally doesn’t just happen all by itself. For this particular example, Google finds a potential 1,070,000 results for this term!

What will differentiate your web site from the other 1,069,999? That’s where you need someone who knows the dynamics of getting your site ranked. You see, if your site isn’t on the front page of Google, your web site will probably not be found.

When the experts at The Thomas Project builds your web site, it’s built with this very factor in mind. We will do the initial research in your industry and find what people really do search for and start to get your site on the front page for the search terms that matter.

We worry about all the details and dynamics of getting your web site online and on the front page of major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Plus we make this service extremely affordable for the small to medium sized business owner. We have a lot of web site solutions that fit very well within your budget. Actually, you’ll be surprised! All you have to do is give us a call and we can tell you more about this faucet of your services to your business.

So if you are serious about getting more customers and growing your business, then you need to call today!

Imagine An Effective Way to Get More Customers Then Ever Before!